I am currently involved in the following projects (external links):

I also developed some software as part of academic research:

Below are some old Windows programs I wrote. They should all be considered discontinued. All these programs are © Kevin Kofler except if otherwise stated.

Program files Language/OS License Description
Tokens89 OCX 1.00.0005
binaries (with runtime) / source code
see note at the right!
Microsoft VB5 / Microsoft Win32 GNU LGPL This OCX control, intended for use in TI-BASIC editors for Win32, contains a tokenizer/detokenizer for the TI-89/92+/V200 calculators and some related functions.
NOTE: The setup file for the binaries has been created using the VB Setup Wizard, as well as 7-Zip by Igor Pavlov (external link) (source code of the exact version I used - © 2003 Igor Pavlov, license: GNU LGPL, provided here because I am distributing an LGPLed self-extractor) and UPX by Markus F.X.J. Oberhumer & László Molnár (external link) (to compress the self-extractor).

Updated versions of Tokens89 OCX are released by Peter Engels at his site (external link)
Tokens89 Command-Line Converter 1.00.0000
binaries and source code (requires the Tokens89 OCX, distributed separately)
MinGW GCC / Microsoft Win32 GNU GPL with an exception allowing linking with the VB runtime (through Tokens89 OCX) This program converts TI-89/92+/V200 programs between the two formats used by the TI-GraphLink software: the tokenized binary format (89p/89f/9xp/9xf/v2p/v2f files) and the 7-bit ASCII interchange format (txt files).
Chemistry Equation Solver PC version
with runtime (zipped) / without runtime (uncompressed)
Microsoft VB5 / Microsoft Win32 my old license This tool balances chemical reaction equations. It is not as smart as the TI-89 version, but uses trial and error.
PC-based greyscale picture creator for TI-89
with runtime (zipped) / without runtime (uncompressed)
Microsoft VB5 / Microsoft Win32 my old license This program separates greyscale pictures with up to 17 shades of grey into B/W pictures for GREYPIC on TI-89.
However, it does not convert them to the 89I-format and you will need to use a converter. I recommend 89IVIEW+ by John Hanna (external link to the www.ticalc.org archive description).