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DynGenPar::PseudoCatScopeData Class Reference
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QHash< Cat, QPair< QPair< Node, NextTokenConstraints >, int > > pConstraints
 hash table recording parallel constraints More...
QHash< Cat, QPair< int, PseudoCatScope > > mcfgConstraints
 hash table recording MCFG constraints More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 335 of file dyngenpar.h.

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◆ mcfgConstraints

QHash<Cat, QPair<int, PseudoCatScope> > DynGenPar::PseudoCatScopeData::mcfgConstraints

hash table recording MCFG constraints

record the rule number to use for a pseudo-category to match the one used for the first encountered pseudo-category, and the scope to reuse

Definition at line 348 of file dyngenpar.h.

◆ pConstraints

QHash<Cat, QPair<QPair<Node, NextTokenConstraints>, int> > DynGenPar::PseudoCatScopeData::pConstraints

hash table recording parallel constraints

record the tree for each pseudo-category and, for efficiency, the length of the matched string so we can match the exact same token string if the exact same pseudo-category is used again: this is the "parallel" in PMCFGs; also record the next token constraints

Definition at line 343 of file dyngenpar.h.

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