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 WooW !! that's great !! 2005-02-08 

Hello again !

Here I am to deliver the brand-new version of the site (thanks to jc !!)
It's just an interface update so don't seek for some news, I'm not working a lot those days...

But stay tuned for my upcoming new version of F-Zero !!!

 First News ! 2005-01-25 

Hello everybody !

First I want to thank geogeo and Ti-Gen for allowing me to have this web site :)
I just created my first website so this is why it looks bad :-(

I tried to do it in english so more people can read the few uninteresting things there will be here :p

I did it with tables because I don't know anything of CSS or web development in general so maintaining it will be fun ;-)

Look at the different sections to find the lastest information about my current project F-ZERO.

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